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What Makes a Good Artist? (According to 15+ Artists)

Art Grenade were excited to take part in a recent blog post from the fantastic site the article is entitled What Makes a Good Artist? (According to 15+ Artists) and features a range of thoughtful and fascinating viewpoints from a range of artists!

Terry's contribution can be found here and there are also contributions from some other well -respected art commentators, including:

Barney Abramson, Multidisciplinary Designer

Jen Ash, Singer-Songwriter

Celine Chia Hui Xuan, Artist, Teacher, and Founder, Ccmonstersart

Laurie Kanyok, Founder and Director, Kanyok Arts Initiative

Emily Clare, Publisher, Fine Art Tutorials

K.K. Hammond, Blues Singer, Songwriter, and Slide Guitarist, Curse of K.K. Hammond

Marley Errico, Arts Professional | Director of Operations, BAIA Agency

Kevin Caron, Artist and Sculptor

Julie Flanders, Marina Belica, and Emil Adler,Recording Artists, Producers, and Musical Activists, October Project

Emily Krill, Collage Artist and Blogger, Matchy Matchy

Lily Keller, Self-taught Artist, Neon Dunes | Designer | Art Teacher | Writer

Richard Hsu, Freelance Artist and Creator, How To Artist

Barry Gray, Archeologist and Woodworker | Founder, The Tools Square | Author, “Hygge Home

Matt Hagens, Carpenter | Founder and CEO, Obsessed Woodworking

Miss Freddye, Singer

John Webber, CEO and Founder, Carved

Sean XLG. Mitchell, Hip Hop Instrumental Artist | Author, “Hip Hop Hooray

Mônica Bressan, Visual Artist

Check out the links above to find some great artists' work and support the online art community!

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