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Pencil Sharpening Just Got a LOT Sexier!

Wow...we were poking around on Instagram today and found a few things that really took our fancy - remember Zippo lighters? Well, they're still going strong and available in about a million variations, but what really caught our eye was a similarly fetishistic brass trinket - the HØVEL pencil sharpener!

We love the sharpening process here at Art Grenade - it's so overlooked yet very important. And Varied! A good old-fashioned carpenter will either whittle away a point on a pencil with a knife, run it along a plane or use sandpaper.

The artist, on the other hand, will probably use a cheap sharpener, cursing the way it seems to endlessly cause snapping of the lead, yet not knowing what else they can do.

This is where the HØVEL sharpener comes in! It's basically a posh upside-down mini woodworker's plane. Sharpening with a HØVEL literally turns the tables, giving you incredible control over the sharpening of your pencil, making you the boss of your pencil lead, rather than the other way around!

You can adjust the HØVEL to sharpen at an angle that suits you, rather than having to put up with the standard angle of a basic pencil sharpener.

It looks beautiful, is made beautifully and most importantly - works beautifully!

Here in the UK they're currently prices around £68 which might seem expensive for a pencil sharpener, but seriously - look at it! It's a thing of beauty but it also gives you full control of your pencil's edge and just makes drawing so much easier that, all things considered, (including the fact that traditional pencil sharpeners are just lame) is £68 really a lot of money?

We don't think so at all!

Why not treat yourself to one of these gorgeous sharpeners? They're sure to become the professional and amateur artist's most useful tool!


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